Can you split case packs?

Yes, split case packs are welcome. For optimal shipping economies, individual units should add up to complete case packs.

Can you accommodate redemption programs?

Yes. We are happy to help facilitate redemption programs.

Do you have a POP program?

Per calendar year, each store unit will be allowed $100 for $1000 or more of cumulative annual purchases.

What's the difference between high & low loft pillows?

Our high loft pillows range from 6"- 7" in thickness, while our low loft pillows range from 4"-5" in thickness.

Where can I find your warranty information?

Our warranty information can be found on

How do I register my product warranty?

You don't need to do anything to register your warranty. If you ever have a problem all you'll need to start your claim is your proof of purchase.

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