The High Point market coming to a close marks a breather in the tradeshow rush. Once again we showed in our permanent space and saw a lot more traffic this market than we have in the past, evidence of High Point’s anchor point for furniture retailers. If you missed us at High Point, here are three things you should catch up on:

Four Product Int... Read More

We would like to thank the Bateman IP Group and our product development team for honoring us with the Utah Genius Award. The Bateman IP Group recognizes the creative people behind Utah’s economy, by honoring the most innovative and progressive companies in Utah. Bateman IP Group chooses these companies by recognizing the Top 20 Inventors, Top 20... Read More

We’ve moved our East Coast warehouse to North Carolina! Our warehouse facility in Gretna, Virginia served us well for almost a year, but our tremendous growth rates and huge expansion of inventory forced us to leap out ahead of the growth curve by purchasing a bigger warehouse. We also had a growing need for faster shipments, and having warehous... Read More

We’re excited to be heading to the Minneapolis Furniture Market Wholesale Furniture Show in Red Wing, Minnesota. This show, Sleep Tite™ will be introducing the new Wool Tite™ Liquid Proof Mattress Pad. This temperature regulating mattress pad keeps you comfortable and dry while you sleep. So if you’re planning on going to Red Wing, here are seven... Read More

Last July we jumped into the Las Vegas Market with our first permanent space; six months later, we now have three other permanent spaces, a handful of talented new hires, and several exciting new products that are impacting the bedding industry. Last summer we were caught off guard by the massive traffic our showroom had in its first market. We c... Read More