Shredded Talalay Latex

Z™ Talalay latex pillows are created through an eco-friendly manufacturing process using latex derived from sustainable rubber trees. The milky sap that is tapped from these tropical trees is whipped, poured into a mold, chilled and finally heated to set the unique foam consistency.

The 100% natural latex foam is shredded into smaller pieces and encased in a Bamboo cover. When shredded, the already breathable Talalay latex pieces provide excellent airflow. The shredded latex pillow provides a more familiar pillow feel.

  • - Filled with 100% natural shredded Talalay latex
  • - Traditional pillow feel with the resiliency of Talalay latex
  • - Consistent filling does not shift or clump and has quick loft recovery
  • - Naturally hypoallergenic – antimicrobial, dust mite resistant and mildew proof
  • - Soft bamboo cover
  • - Available in king and queen sizes
  • - 3-Year Warranty