Duo-Foam™ Pillow

Created through a proprietary process, Duo-Foam™ combines the material and benefits of both Z™ Talalay latex and Dough™ memory foam. The two-sided pillow offers a distinct feel on each side with either plush or firm support. The Dual Comfort™ technology is perfect for multi-position sleepers seeking different levels of support.

  • - Half Z™ Talalay latex, half Dough™ memory foam
  • - Dual-Comfort™ Technology offers different levels of support for multi-position sleepers
  • - Naturally hypoallergenic – antimicrobial and dust mite resistant
  • - Luxuriously soft, embossed velour cover is removable for laundering
  • - Available in king and queen sizes
  • - 5-Year Warranty